• soothe sore throat, treat irritation
  • for children above the age of 3
  • formula popular with children
gardło kaszel pastylki do ssania
  • soothe sore throat, treat irritation
  • for adults and children above the age of 6


 is a line of sore throat and cough products for children and adults.
The products are based on plant extracts and their form is adjusted to patient’s age. For children: Natur-sept throat lollipops, Natur-sept cough lollipops For adults: Natur-sept throat lozenges, Natur-sept cough lozenges The ingredients of Natur-sept throat medical products, thanks to their ability to coat the mucous membrane of throat: soothe sore throat, treat irritation, moisturize throat, protect mucous membrane of throat. The ingredients of Natur-sept cough: ease cough, decrease the frequency of coughing, help expectorate.

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